Can’t Sleep App

Your best night’s sleep, every night!

Designed by music sleep expert Thomas Dickson

Control the instruments and sounds you listen to

Learn how to use music to improve your sleep

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Can’t Sleep was invented by Thomas Dickson, the Australian expert in music and sleep psychology. The artificially intelligent music helps you sleep by distracting you from wakeful thoughts, calming your mood and relaxing your body. By improving your sleep, you increase your motivation and productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and decrease your risk of catching colds and flus. Simply choose your soundscape in the app, enjoy new relaxing music and you’ll wake up tomorrow having forgotten falling asleep. Check out our free music sleep tips and tricks checklist!

Can’t Sleep App Custom Mode
  • Effective – Built from research for a PhD on music and sleep psychology.
  • Smooth Transitions – No silences between songs or pops/clicks between looping audio.
  • Variety – 12 themes utilizing over 100 instruments and ambient sound recordings.
  • Never Repeats – New music is continuously composed through your phone using our A.I. composer while you listen.
  • Personalized – Enable or disable any part of the music and choose your own music speed.
  • Realistic Sounds – Real audio samples of instruments and ambient sound recordings.
  • Convenient – No internet required after downloading the app and the music stops after 45 minutes (while you sleep).

I would recommend Can’t Sleep. It’s something that has helped me get to sleep and I genuinely enjoy the range of music that is involved within the app.

Can’t Sleep has been presented at the Australian Music Psychology Conference, TechSauce Global Summit, Bigsound, Creative2 and Collider Accelerator. It also received MIT App Inventor App of the Month for best design.

Australian expert in music for sleep

Hi! I’m a PhD student at the University of NSW, specialising in the use of music as a sleep aid. I’ve combined music psychology research, and app development skills to build a world-first sleep app that composes relaxing music. I made it genuinely customisable as I wanted people to be able to choose the style of music they love, the sounds and instruments that help them to relax, and to never be frustrated by boring repetition. I am keen to make this app the best it can be and give people real-world solutions to insomnia and daytime sleepiness problems.