Thank you for your interest in beta testing our brand new android version of Can’t Sleep App!

As a beta tester you will be given the opportunity to provide critical feedback which will shape the direction of our new android app. You get early access to our world class sleep aid and ONE FREE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION when the app goes live.

About Can’t Sleep

Can’t Sleep was invented by Thomas Dickson, the Australian expert in music and sleep psychology. The artificially intelligent music helps you sleep by distracting you from wakeful thoughts, calming your mood and relaxing your body. By improving your sleep, you increase your motivation and productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and decrease your risk of catching colds and flus. Simply choose your soundscape in the app, enjoy new relaxing music and you’ll wake up tomorrow having forgotten falling asleep. 

Can’t Sleep is the right choice for you because…

• The app was built from research for a PhD on music and sleep psychology
• Music has no side effects and becomes more effective with regular use
• You can listen to Can’t Sleep anywhere, including offline
• The app is very easy to use – you can listen to relaxing music at the push of a single button
• You can choose from 18 music presets and over 200 sounds