Build your own custom presets from 73 relaxing instruments and 35 ambient sounds.

  1. Switch to enable or disable the instrument, beat, SFX or ambient sound
  2. Hear instrument, beat, SFX or ambient sound
  3. High Notes - High pitch instrument sounds
  4. Melody - Medium pitch instrument sounds
  5. Bass Notes - Slow and low pitch instrument sounds
  6. Drum - Pulsing percussion sounds including bass drum, high hats and shakers
  7. Ambience - 4 minute recordings ambient sounds including rain, water, traffic, fire etc
  8. Sound Effects- Upto 20 second long sound effects including bells, space sounds, cymbals


  • When you enable multiple sounds they will cycle. If you want to only hear one sound, then only choose one
  • Each soundscape element is forced to have one sound enabled
  • All sounds are disable whilst the music is playing. To enable different sounds the music will need to be paused

Play or stop the music and enable or disable elements of the music.

  1. Play or stop the music
  2. Display or hide the soundscape display
  3. Enable or disable the high notes
  4. Enable or disable the melody
  5. Enable or disable the bass
  6. Enable or disable the drum
  7. Enable or disable the ambience
  8. Enable or disable the effects


  • The music automatically turns off after 45 minutes, this reduces battery usage whilst you sleep
  • The screen dims based on the duration set in your "Auto-Lock" in the Display & Brightness Settings