List of Themes

List of Themes

Soprano: Guitar, Piano, Vibraphone, Synth, Harp
Alto: Guitar, Piano, Vibraphone, Synth, Harp
Tenor: Guitar, Piano, Vibraphone, Synth, Harp
Bass: Deep Pad, Guitar, Piano, Synth, Harp
Drums: 532hit, Synth Drum, Taiko Drum
Percussion: Afoxe, Maracas, Shaker
Ambient: Forest, Jungle, Rain
Sfx: Bell, Tibet Bell, Triangle, Wineglass, Ding, Thai Gong, Giant Buddha Bell, Clang

Soprano: Clarinet Eb, Piano, Rhodes, Guitar, Vibraphone
Alto: Clarinet, Piano, Rhodes, Guitar, Vibraphone
Tenor: Alpenhorn, Clarinet, Rhodes, Guitar, Vibraphone

Bass: Contra Clarinet, Rhodes, Trombone, Guitar, Cello
Drums: Bass Drum, Frame Drum, Toms
Percussion: Shaker, Tambourine, Triangle Muted
Ambient: Electronic, Quiet Traffic, Vinyl
Sfx: Berkete, Click, Fan Click, Ride, Twang, Cowbell, Malaysian Djembe, Clang

Soprano: Clarinet Eb, Oboe, Violin, Piano, Synth
Alto: Clarinet, Fiddle, Gamelan, Piano, Synth
Tenor: Alpenhorn, Clarinet, Tenor Voice, Piano, Synth

Bass: Baritone Voice, Contra Clarinet, Trombone, Piano, Synth
Drums: 532hit, Taiko Drum, Timbale Rim
Percussion: Darabuka, Plate, Timbale Shell
Ambient: Frogs, Sea Cave, Waterfall Cave
Sfx: Deep Drip, Drip, Echo, Water Splash, Woosh, Swoosh, Anvil, Bass Boom

Soprano: Dizi, Ocarina, Piccolo Flute, Guitar, Harp
Alto: Flute, Pan Flute, Shamisen, Guitar, Harp
Tenor: Alpenhorn, Alto Flute, Harp, Guitar, Harp

Bass: Cimbalom, Cimbasso, Trombone, Guitar, Harp
Drums: Cajon, Djembe, Dumbek
Percussion: Clave, Shaker, Timbale Shell
Ambient: Dunes, Wind, Windy Desert
Sfx: African Rain, Large Ewe, Large Riq, Rattle, Large Ewe, Berkete, Bamboo Sticks, Rattle

Soprano: Crotales, Musicbox, Vibraphone, Synth, Rhodes
Alto: Ukelele, Vibraphone, Violin, Synth, Rhodes
Tenor: Floatingpad, Piano, Vibraphone, Synth, Rhodes

Bass: Cimbasso, Rhodes, Synth, Synth, Rhodes
Drums: Bassdrum, Taikodrum, Udu
Percussion: Fragments, Maracas, Tickiticki
Ambient: Beach, Morninglake, Winterlake
Sfx: Castanets, Dholak, Malaysiandjembe, Metalbridge, Largeriq, Cowbell, Anklungs, Tambourine

Soprano: Dizi, Mandolin, Pizz, Synth, Rhodes
Alto: Fiddle, Gamelan, Ukelele, Synth, Rhodes
Tenor: Floatingpad, Sinisterpad, Vibraphone, Synth, Rhodes

Bass: Broadsub, Cimbasso, Slowwobblesub, Synth, Rhodes
Drums: Dholak, Timbalerim, Toms
Percussion: Afoxe, Fragments, Tickiticki
Ambient: Cattle, Mountain, Outback
Sfx: Africanmetal, Anklungs, Cowbell, Twang, Largeewe, Berkete, Bamboosticks, Wood

Soprano: Harp, Oboe, Piccolo Flute, Mandolin, Clarinet Eb
Alto: Flute, Harp, Pan Flute, Ukelele, Clarinet
Tenor: Kalimba, Kora, Tenor Voice, Harp, Clarinet

Bass: Baritone Voice, Cello, String Bass, Deep Pad, Contra Clarinet
Drums: Djembe, Ewe, Tabla
Percussion: Clave, Tambourine, Temple Block
Ambient: Forest, Jungle, Nighttime
Sfx: Bamboo Sticks, Rainstick, Wood, Wood Chimes, African Rain, African Metal, Anklungs, Fram Drum Roll

Soprano: Harp, Music Box, Synth, Piccolo Flute, Vibraphone
Alto: Harp, Pan Flute, Synth, Flute, Vibraphone
Tenor: Alto Flute, Harp, Synth, Alto Flute, Vibraphone

Bass: Deep Pad, Harp, Synth, Bass Flute, Cello
Drums: Cajon, Hang Drum, Jug Kick
Percussion: Fragments, Palmas, Ticki Ticki
Ambient: Waterfall, Wind, Winter Lake
Sfx: Chimes, Church Bell, Windchimes, Wineglass, Angelic, Bell, Triangle, Tibet Bell

Soprano: Crotales, Ocarina, Synth, Violin, Guitar
Alto: Erhu, Gamelan, Synth, Violin, Guitar
Tenor: Kalimba, Shakuhachi, Synth, Viola, Guitar

Bass: Cimbalom, Deep Pad, Harp, Cello, Guitar
Drums: Dumbek, Hang Drum, Synth Drum
Percussion: Agogo, Darabuka, Timbale Shell
Ambient: Beach, Stream, Thunder
Sfx: Giant Budda Bell, Om, Rain Stick, Singing Bowl, Wood Chimes, Tibet Bell, Chimes, Windchimes

Soprano: Clarinet Eb, Guitar, Violin, Piccolo Flute, Harp
Alto: Clarinet, Fiddle, Guitar, Flute, Harp
Tenor: Clarinet, Guitar, Viola, Alto Flute, Harp

Bass: Contra Clarinet, Guitar, String Bass, Bass Flute, Harp
Drums: Ewe, Frame Drum, Tabla
Percussion: Darabuka, Maracas, Tambourine
Ambient: Fire, Frogs, Nighttime
Sfx: Castanets, Fram Drum Roll, Rattle, Tambourine, Large Riq, Wood, Rattle, Rain Stick

Soprano: Guitar, Harp, Pizz, Piano, Vibraphone
Alto: Guitar, Harp, Ukelele, Piano, Vibraphone
Tenor: Guitar, Harp, Kora, Piano, Vibraphone

Bass: Guitar, Harp, String Bass, Piano, Cello
Drums: Dholak, Dumbek, Udu
Percussion: Agogo, Pot Plant, Triangle Muted
Ambient: Rain, Rain Car, Rain Indoors
Sfx: Bell, Clang, Triangle, Twang, Drip, Click, Wineglass, Giant Buddha Bell

Soprano: Guitar, Piano, Rhodes, Clarinet Eb, Piccolo Flute
Alto: Guitar, Piano, Rhodes, Clarinet, Flute
Tenor: Guitar, Piano, Rhodes, Clarinet, Alto Flute

Bass: Guitar, Piano, Rhodes, Contra Clarinet, Alto Flute
Drums: Dholak, Djembe, Toms
Percussion: Afoxe, Rakatak, Triangle Muted
Ambient: Electronic, Medium Room, Small Room
Sfx: Clock Chime, Ding, Fan Click, Steam, Twang, Malaysian Djembe, Click, Angelic

Soprano: Mandolin, Piano, Pizz, Music Box, Violin
Alto: Koto, Piano, Shamisen, Ukelele, Violin
Tenor: Kalimba, Piano, Shakuhachi, Kora, Viola

Bass: Bass Flute, Cimbalom, Piano, String Bass, Cello
Drums: Cajon, Ewe, Tabla
Percussion: Agogo, Clave, Temple Block
Ambient: Sailboat, Underwater, Wooden Ship
Sfx: Anvil, Creaky Pedal, Swoosh, Woosh, Drip, Water Splash, Anvil, Echo

Soprano: Rhodes, Synth, Vibraphone, Piano, Harp
Alto: Rhodes, Synth, Vibraphone, Piano, Harp
Tenor: Floating Pad, Sinister Pad, Synth, Piano, Harp

Bass: Broad Sub, Deep Pad, Slow Wobble Sub, Piano, Harp
Drums: 532hit, Jug Kick, Synth Drum
Percussion: Palmas, Plate, Pot Plant
Ambient: Corina, Satellite, Space
Sfx: Brakes, Hologram, Hyperspace, Landing, Swoosh, Echo, Bass Boom, Metal Bridge

Soprano: Ocarina, Piccolo Flute, Violin, Clarinet Eb, Piccolo Flute
Alto: Erhu, Koto, Shamisen, Clarinet, Flute
Tenor: Kora, Shakuhachi, Viola, Clarinet, Alto Flute

Bass: Bass Flute, Cello, Piano, Contra Clarinet, Bass Flute
Drums: Bass Drum, Taiko Drum, Timbale Rim
Percussion: Afoxe, Rakatak, Temple Block
Ambient: Birds, Outback, Trickling Creek
Sfx: Angelic, Bowed Cymbal, Thai Gong, Tibet Bell, Ding, Triangle, Wineglass, Thai Gong

Soprano: Crotales, Music Box, Vibraphone, Rhodes, Piano
Alto: Koto, Vibraphone, Violin, Rhodes, Piano
Tenor: Rhodes, Sinister Pad, Vibraphone, Rhodes, Piano

Bass: Broad Sub, Slow Wobble Sub, Synth, Rhodes, Piano
Drums: 532hit, Jug Kick, Synth Drum
Percussion: Palmas, Plate, Pot Plant
Ambient: Noise, Old Film, Vinyl
Sfx: Bass Boom, Digital Shaker, Electricity, Metal Clang, Metal Bridge, Hologram, Hyperspace, Steam

Soprano: Dizi, Mandolin, Oboe, Pizz, Violin
Alto: Erhu, Flute, Violin, Ukelele, Violin
Tenor: Alto Flute, Tenor Voice, Viola, Kora, Viola

Bass: Baritone Voice, Bass Flute, Cello, String Bass, Cello
Drums: Frame Drum, Hang Drum, Udu
Percussion: Maracas, Rakatak, Shaker
Ambient: Beach, Underwater, Whales
Sfx: Splash, Water Splash, Whale, Whales, Water Splash, Rain Stick, Woosh, Tambourine