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Your best night’s sleep, every night!

Discover the power of music.

Listen to soundscapes designed by Thomas Dickson – the first author for ”How Does Music Aid Sleep? Literature Review”, an expert in the psychology of music for sleep and PhD candidate at UNSW – to help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed.

Can’t Sleep is for anyone who has trouble falling asleep, maintaining sleep or waking up in the morning and that music can be more than ‘just relaxing’.

“I would recommend Can’t Sleep. It’s something that has helped me get to sleep and I genuinely enjoy the range of music that is involved within the app.” Raissa Martin

Raissa Martin is a goalball player who represented Australia at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

What makes Can’t Sleep different?

There are hundreds of sound and music apps for sleep on the market, and several do a fine job of encouraging relaxation. But most just play generic ambient music, classical music and sounds – whereas there are specific musical features and properties of sound that can aid sleep.

The purpose of listening to music for sleep isn’t merely to reduce stress – it’s to improve your sleep through physiological and psychological changes.

What makes the soundscapes in Can’t Sleep better than most sleep music?

  • The soundscapes require less mental resources to process with subtle musical variation and minimal music activity
  • The soundscapes have no dissonance or tension to reduce mental arousal
  • Input your heart rate and the soundscapes will match it, then slowly decrease in speed
  • The background ambient sounds (rain, waterfalls, white noise) drown out distracting noises
  • The soundscapes are different every listen, so they don’t become repetitive or ineffective with continued use
  • Build a custom soundscape from sounds you associate with sleep (e.g. wave sounds if you grew up by the beach) and that association can help you sleep
  • Your musical taste matters, building a custom soundscape from sounds you enjoy creates a more pleasant experience, or alternatively disable any part of the soundscape you don’t enjoy
  • The soundscapes automatically turn off after 45 minutes, which is recommended in the music sleep literature

Give the soundscapes a listen and you’ll hear straight away how different Can’t Sleep sounds.

How to use music for sleep

We’ve created a guide for how to use Can’t Sleep, how to use music for sleep and general sleep tips in our documentation

See our documentation here

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