Gaelen Thomas Dickson

Music Psychology Expert (Researcher | Entrepreneur)

PhD UNSW | Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

I am a PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales, specialising in the use of music as a sleep aid and primary author of "How Does Music Aid Sleep? Literature Review". I’ve combined music psychology research, and app development to build a world-first sleep app that composes relaxing music for sleep. My research interests include music for sleep, music for focus, music for relaxation and music for peak performance. I am keen to give actionable and evidence-based advice around using music as a tool to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Research Interests

  - Music for Sleep

  - Music for Relaxation / Anxiety

  - Music for Study

  - Music for Peak Performance

Journal Articles

  • How Does Music Aid Sleep? Literature Review (Dickson, Schubert)
  • Self-reported reasons for listening to music for sleep (Dickson, Schubert)
  • Features of Successful and Unsuccessful Music for Sleep (Dickson, Schubert)
  • Music On Prescription to Aid Sleep (Dickson, Schubert)
  • Perception of Melodic Variation: Note Duration and Pitch Manipulation (Dickson, Schubert)

Can't Sleep App

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