Are you like Amy?

How do you feel about sleep?

  • Do you wish you woke up feeling energised?

  • Feel like you have tried everything for sleep?

  • Feel previous solutions only worked occasionally or have not been enjoyable?

  • Do you wish for something easy and effective?

  • Do you want to sleep better tonight?

Read below to discover Amy’s story.
Amy had a very stressful day at work today. So much to do and such little time. With all these thoughts running through her head she has a little problem….that is creating big consequences on her health, mental state and her job.
Amy is one of the 1 in 3 individuals suffering from mild insomnia. Her inability to sleep leads to excessive daytime sleepiness which impacts on her memory, concentration, stress and can make her feel depressed.
There are many solutions out there from sleep medication, tea, watching TV, night caps, napping, listening to “relaxing playlists”, meditation and Amy has tried them all.
Unfortunately none of them suited her lifestyle. She needed something natural that would make her fall asleep fast.
One day, Amy discovered the “Can’t Sleep”, an Android and iPhone app that plays scientifically relaxing music. She realised quickly that this wasn’t regular music, it was presented at the Australian Conference for Music Psychology (2015) and won App of the Month at MIT.
Can’t Sleep has a free version, which allowed Amy to try the app. It was super easy to use, she just clicked the default preset, chose sleep mode and then it started playing. From there she set a timer for 30minutes at bedtime.
Wow, Amy couldn’t believe how well she slept. Within three weeks she was falling asleep in half the time she usually would and woke up much less often. She felt so much better.
Amy was so pleased that she subscribed to the full version. Now she could choose her favourite instruments and background sounds to create her own music mix.
https://cantsleepapp.com/landingpagebetalaunch/https://cantsleepapp.com/landingpagebetalaunch/https://cantsleepapp.com/landingpagebetalaunch/Like Amy, many individuals have had great success with the Can’t Sleep App

“Wow, I can’t believe how well I slept on night one, let alone how well I am sleeping now. I have so much more energy throughout the day.” Cathrin Shrenger

“I use Can’t Sleep in my clinic to bring on a calm state and if my patients are having sleeping dificulties I highly recomend the app to them with great results.” Dr. Grace Jones (TCM)

  • MIT App Inventor App of the Month
  • Presented at the 2015 Conference of the Australian Music & Psychology Society
  • Developed at University of Melbourne and University of New South Wales
Amy is now sleeping better and in turn feeling better. So can you by download the free version of the Can’t Sleep app below.

Can’t Sleep

Quiet Your Mind & Wake Up With 25% More Energy – Guaranteed