Why you will sleep better

Distract Your Mind

Stressed thoughts keeping you up at night? Can’t quiet your busy mind? The “distraction response” is where specific music takes your attention away from wakeful thoughts replacing them with new calming thoughts as you engage with features of the music.

Decrease Breath & Heartrate, and Increase Delta Brainwave Activity

Feeling full of energy at bedtime?  “Musical entrainment” is a process where your bodily rhythms sync to the beat of music (the tempo). Depending on the music, this can either be beneficial or detrimental for sleep. The Can’t Sleep App uses tempo manipulation to encourage your body to achieve a relaxed state, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

Improve Your Mood

Wish you could just relax? Listening to the right type of music at bedtime can be a very relaxing experience. We all love music and this can improve your mood.  This ‘mood improvement’ can decrease the fight or flight response (noradrenaline) and encourage sleep.

Create a Signal to Sleep

Do you browse through social media in bed when you should be sleeping?  Stimulating activities can confuse your brain into wakefulness. Using the Can’t Sleep App regularly sends a signal to your brain that it’s time to go to sleep. The more regularly you use the app, the stronger the association between sleep and the music.

Muscle Relaxation


Easy and Enjoyable
  • 8 pre-sets to choose from

  • As simple as using a CD player or stereo
  • Start listening within 10 seconds of using the app
  • Set a timer to turn the app off

Create your Own
  • Mix 17 instrument categories containing a total of 130 instruments
  • Choose from 17 ambient environmental sounds
  • Enable and disable elements such as high/middle/low notes, sound effects, beat and soundscapes
Designed with science
  • Informed by over 100 Journal articles on music psychology, music therapy and evolutionary musicology
  • Involved in two studies with over 350 participants total
  • Each aspect of the music is calibrated to create a calm physical and mental state
Music that never gets boring
  • New music created for every listen
  • Music that constantly changes while you listen
  • Never search for music again
It’s good for you long-term
  • Music has no known negative side effects and does not lead to dependency
  • Regular use of music continues to improve sleep quality without requiring increased dosages
  • Improves both sleep quality and daytime functioning instead of improving only sleep duration and sleep onset time.
No wifi or internet connection required
  • Listen on airplanes/public transport
  • Doesn’t chew up your internet data
  • Use in bedroom on flightmode to avoid additional signals

Can’t Sleep?

Your best night’s sleep, every night