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How the Can’t Sleep App Works

Home Screen

The home screen is where you can choose presets from default, jazz, gypsy, water, baroque, spring, new age and all as well as modes including relax, focus, sleep and infant sleep mode.

Play Screen

On the play screen you turn on and off element of the music (such as melody, soundscapes, sound effects etc), enable a timer, match music to your heart rate and play the music.

Customisation Screens

On the customisation screen you can choose what instruments and background sounds you would like include, choose images for the backdrop of the app and choose the mode including relax, focus, sleep and infant sleep mode.

Explainer Screen

The explainer screen is a guide for the icons, describing what they mean and how enabling and disabling them will impact on the music available in the app.

More Screen

The more screen includes details about the app, links to social media, recent news about the app, a special thanks and access to legal documents.


The timer is a popup on the play screen, where you can choose a time frame and the app will close, stopping the music when the timer runs out. This is ideal for sleep to save battery life and ensure the music does not interfere with sleep patterns whilst asleep.

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