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Can’t Sleep – The best Android Google Play store App for sleep (2019)

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Our brand-new Android version of Can’t Sleep App (2019)


“We’re very excited to release our new Android app this September 2019. In this guide, I’ll be uncovering the new research, features and improvements for Can’t Sleep including why these updates matter and how you can get the most out of the new app.” Thomas Dickson (Australian expert in the Psychology of Music for sleep) Included in our brand-new Android rebuilt for Can’t Sleep:

  • Improved AI composer for our sound engine
  • More instrument tracks (now including percussion and tenor)
  • More than 200 instruments and sounds to choose from
  • Support for more android devices and operating systems (including tablets)
  • Sleek and simple user interface
  • Improved performance, less disk space and decreased battery draining
  • Available in 12 languages

Pre-Order Now or Join the Android Beta Program


Better music and sounds composed by our Android soundscape sound engine

Can’t Sleep app composes new music in realtime whilst you listen, meaning the music never gets boring or repetitive. Over the past eight months, we’ve significantly improved the listening experience. Our soundscape engine has more musical features we can alter, making a big difference in how the app sounds in three ways:

  1. Themes have an increasingly unique personality
  2. The soundscapes continue to be engaging over time
  3. We can easily change the sound of the theme to better match your taste

As a subscriber, you can access all themes (instead of Baroque only) to find which soundscape is best for your sleeping experience. Research suggests self-selected music within a researcher selected playlist may be most effective in aiding sleep and hence, we’ve created more variety within our framework.


More instrument tracks to suit your listening experience

Our internal research has found that some individuals need soundscapes that are a little more engaging to fall asleep. We’ve added two more instrument tracks to support this, so you can have more sounds if you notice your mind starts to wander too much. Our instrument & sound tracks include:

  1. Soprano – high pitch instruments
  2. Alto – medium-high pitch instruments
  3. Tenor – medium-low pitch instruments
  4. bass – low-pitch instruments
  5. Drum – low rhythmic beat instruments
  6. Percussion – high-medium rhythmic instruments
  7. SFX – sound effects
  8. Ambience – recordings of white noise, nature etc

As you familiarise yourself with Can’t Sleep, you may choose to disable some of the above tracks for a more sleep conducive experience. For example, percussion might be too activating or ambience might be distracting.


More than 200 instruments and sounds added to Can’t Sleep Android

As a researcher, I am continuously intrigued by what sounds and music individuals use as a sleep aid. The list appears to be endless and we want to ensure you can access sounds and instruments that best helps you sleep. For this reason, we have added more sounds to the themes. Subscribers to Can’t Sleep receive access to the DIY builder to create soundscapes with combinations of their preferred instruments, sound effects and ambience. Accessing the sounds you have associated with sleep in the past can help you sleep in the present. Conversely, choosing new sounds you like and listening to them every night can create a new association with that sound and sleep. It’s pivotal to listen to specific music for sleep and sleep only, otherwise, you risk mixed associations.


Can’t Sleep now supports more android devices and operating systems (including tablets 2019)

My colleagues and I have spoken with many individuals suffering sleep problems. Poor sleep impacts tech fanatics with the latest android devices, people who are using old devices and elderly people who might require larger tablets with increased font size. To help poor sleepers of all shapes and sizes we’ve increased the number of supported devices and Android operating systems.


A cleaner and simpler user interface

From our customer research and user feedback, we’ve identified you want a simple and easy solution to get started. In our new version of Can’t Sleep, we’ve simplified the interface so that you can start listening to our relaxing soundscapes with the click of two buttons.


Save your Android battery life and disk space

We’ve achieved record low battery and CPU impact with our new sound engine. This way you can listen to Can’t Sleep App without being concerned about battery drain or overheating. Can’t Sleep also turns off after 45 minutes (recommended in the music sleep psychology literature) saving your battery. For the small size of 120mb, you can listen to unlimited music for sleep without any internet or further downloads required.


Choose from 12 languages in Can’t Sleep (new to 2019)

Music is a universal language and research supports music aiding sleep for a wide variety of different cultures. With our new version of Can’t Sleep we’ve included localization support for Chinese (simplified & traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


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