Why Terms Matter

Why Terms Matter,

When it comes to terms and conditions, you might think of a document full of legal mumbo jumbo designed to confuse you regarding your rights in favour of the company. You might find terms in the fine print that you feel unformattable towards and every individual should be aware of.

This is not our intention. We chose to bring attention to key points in our terms and conditions, and link directly to the document prior to using the app. The clearer the legal agreement, the easier it is for both parties to follow.

We believe this is necessary for the following reasons:

  1. We don’t want anyone to hurt themselves or others because of the app. For example, an individual falling asleep whilst driving when listening to the app.
  2. We don’t want anyone to assume the music is sleep treatment or to avoid consulting a medical professional first. For example, music does not aid insomnia caused from sleep apnoea which needs to be diagnosed by a professional.
  3. We are not sure of the long-term effects of sedative music on children (or any ages for that matter). The music psychology literature claims music has no known side effects but as an emerging field in future, there may be complications.
  4. We don’t want you to go over your internet provider limit and both apps have a large initial download for an app of 100mb (similar to streaming Spotify for 1-2hrs).
  5. We don’t know what risk are involved if the app is used in a way that is not intended. So please contact us if you are not using the app for private & personal use or on a device that is not your own.
  6. We want you to be aware that our company and third parties will measure your data for purposes including better understanding our audience, improving the app and marketing. If you are concerned about your personal information and its confidentiality or access to it please do not use the app.
  7. It is illegal to collect data on or target children. We only want adults using our app.
  8. We want you to be aware that sometimes bugs occur with apps and these bugs can have big complications for your device. With this risk, we hope you will back up your device and take other appropriate cautions.

The full Can’t Sleep EULA and Privacy Policy are available here https://cantsleepapp.com/privacy-policy-and-eula/

This is the first Terms for the app and we invite individuals to contact us regarding further clarity and any confusion. We want you to feel comfortable using our app and we want to feel comfortable knowing you are using it safely and appropriately.

Warm regards,

Thomas (Can’t Sleep Founder)